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Kameron Marlowe

We Were Cowboys CD (Signed)

We Were Cowboys CD (Signed)

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This is a preorder. CD will ship out with album release on Aug 26th. Includes signed booklet.       


  1. We Were Cowboys
  2. Country Boys Prayer
  3. Girl On Fire
  4. Giving You Up
  5. Does It Have To Be Over
  6. This Old Town
  7. Money Ain’t $hit
  8. Fool Me Again
  9. Burn ‘Em All
  10. Steady Heart
  11. Over Now
  12. Saying Goodbye
  13. Ain’t Enough Whiskey
  14. Runnin’ Out On You
  15. Granny’s Got A Garden (For G’maw Jan) 
  16. Long Way Down
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